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I started Installation from scratch, I decided to Install all Atlassian applications on one server to simplify my task, but the recipes given here should work well with multi server configurations.


Network View


All applications are installed seperately from each other, defining ContextUrls for each of them. The applications communicate with each other using the internal names, as the external access is over https and I did not want to route all request through the gateway. Another approach would have been to give the application server internally the external name (in my case like this, I could have reused the certificate for the gateway for the ssl connections on the application server. All application containers would have had to be configured to use the same certificate. As the whole task was new to me and not wanting to have too many pitfalls in the first go, I decided to use no ssl connections internally.





I did the whole installation as a "fun" project, so some ideas could be less than optimal or even utterly wrong.

Use at your own risk, if it breaks anything you own both parts. You have been warned


Installing Prerequisites

  1. Centos 7, 8GB RAM, 4 CPU
  2. Java SDK 7
  3. Git 
  4. Internet Gateway with web proxy on another server
  5. Mail Server

Installing Atlassian Applications

  1. Crowd
  2. JIRA
  3. Confluence
  4. Stash
  5. Fisheye and Crucible
  6. Bamboo

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